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Ethiopian TimKet Celebration Packages

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ታላቅ የጥምቀት በዓል ጥቅሎች

 በቅናሽ ዋጋ!

Incredible savings passed on to you with these 

Special TimKet Packages:

Core Packages:

ከተራ / Ketera: ETB 3950 only

ያልታረደ  ዶሮ / Live Chicken 1
ምርጥ ቀይ ሸንኩርት / Premier Red Onions 5 Kgs
Omaar Sunflower Oil (5 liter)1
እንቁላል / Eggs  (2 Dozen)24
ዓይብ / Soft Cheese  1
ዶሮ ቅመም / Chicken Spice 1

ጥምቀት / TimKet: ETB 5500 only

ምርጥ የበሬ ሥጋ / Premier Red Meat (Beef)5 kgs
ምርጥ ቀይ ሽንኩርት / Premier Red Onions
3 kgs
የሃበሻ ቅቤ / yeHabesha Kibe 
የጥብስ ቅጠል / Rosemary 1

ሸማ / Shemma:  ETB 7950 only

ሙሉ በግ ከነ ትሪፓ / Whole Sheep With Tripe (10- 12Kg)1
ሙሉ የታረደ ዶሮ / Whole yeHabesha Chicken1
ምርጥ ቀይ ሸንኩርት / Premier Red Onions5 Kgs
እንቁላል / Eggs12
ዓይብ / Soft Cheese1
Omaar Sunflower Seed Oil (5 ltr) / yeHabesha Kibe 1
ቅመማ ቅመም / 3 Spice Combo1

ፋሲል / Fasil: ETB 12250 only

ትልቅ ያልታረደ በግ / Large Live Sheep1
ሙሉ የታረደ ዶሮ / Whole yeHabesha Chicken
ምርጥ ቀይ ሽንኩርት / Premier Red Onions 10 Kg
ኦማር የሱፍ ዘይት  ወይም የሃበሻ ቅቤ / Omaar Sunflower Seed Oil or yeHabesha Kebe 1

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